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JavaSeis Overview

The JavaSeis project aims to produce reference implementations in “pure java” for pre-stack seismic data access and for synchronous parallel seismic processing algorithms. Existing systems for seismic processing (both public and proprietary) do a good job of representing seismic trace data, but lack essential features for random access and parallel processing.

Much of the proposed work in this project is based on designs originally worked out in a joint project between Sun Microsystems and Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO).  This work, in turn, was based on the ARCO Seismic Benchmark Suite.  The ARCO suite is still available from the Systems Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) as part of the SPEChpc2002 suite.

Parts of the ARCO Parallel Seismic Environment (APSE) are also available from the FreeUSP web site sponsored by British Petroleum (BP). This site is a good source for well tested codes for seismic algorithms.

Another resource for seismic processing algorithms – actually a full seismic processing system – is the Colorado School of Mines Seismic Unix system.

In the coming months we will begin to populate this SourceForge project with “pure java” code for reading and writing pre-stack seismic data. We are looking for prospective developers who wish to donate time and code to this project. See the SourceForge.net site docs and the JavaSeis project page for more information






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